Athletic Activities

For many years, the After-School Sports Program has been an extension and supplement to the Physical Education program of the Gymnasium and Lyceum. At the end of the school day, students have the opportunity to do the sport of their choice and, at the same time, to have fun and get to know each other better. The After-School Sports Program includes 10 different activities – sports and, with the guidance of specialized coaches – Physical Education teachers, students learn the basic techniques of each sport. Especially for the After-School Sports Activities, you will have to submit a Medical Certificate. Please note that the Health Form that is submitted for the morning program does not cover a student’s participation in these activities.
The After-School Sports Program is carried out by the Deree College Athletic Club.

COORDINATOR: Mr. Konstantinos Koloveros, tel. 210 600 9800 ext. 1104 


On our four courts (indoor and outdoor), students practice the basic skills of the sport: dribbling, shooting, defense and offence.
COACHES: Mr. Konstantinos Koloveros, Mr. Panagiotis Kostopoulos


Participating students learn the fundamentals of the sport, practice their skills while playing in small teams (2×2), practice passing and serving.
COACH: Mr. Panagiotis Kechagias


The College has a football pitch equipped with artificial turf and organic (cork) infill, in which the athletes develop their talent and improve their physical condition (exercises with weights and skills development).
COACH: Stelios Mountokalakis


On our tennis courts, students learn the techniques of the sport, by playing in small groups (6-8 persons), with the guidance of experienced coaches. Athletes are divided according to level (from beginners to advanced).
COACH: Mr. Konstantinos Dimopoulos


With the guidance of specialized coaches (black belt holders), small groups of students practice with the aim of strengthening their self-confidence and learning concentration and karate moves. Athletes take part in competitions as well as in examinations for achievement of higher karate belts (blue, black).


Students take part in dance compositions and programs, representing the College in cultural activities.
TEACHER RESPONSIBLE: Ms Lucy Konstantinidou


Athletes learn the techniques of fencing, with the guidance of an experienced coach, member of the National Fencing Team. The equipment (épée) is provided by the College and students have the opportunity to participate in competitions.
COACH: Ms Dimitra Zachou


Guided by the values of the Olympic spirit, students learn the basics of track and field, improve their physical condition, and participate in school events.
COACHES: Ms Zoi Mavrofryda, Ms Vicky Kalogeropoulou, Mr. Konstantinos Stampolitis


The College has an Olympic-size swimming pool, where athletes learn swim basics and represent the school in competitions organized by the Ministry of Education, and A.S.I.S.
COACH: Ms Calypso Oikonomidou, Mr. Dimitrios Voutsas


Water polo, a team sport in which our country has achieved major distinction, students learn the basics of the sport and strengthen their self-confidence and discipline.
COACH: Mr. Ioannis Primpas