Writers Exploring Society

The objective of the Writers Exploring Society Club is for the students to work with the thinking tools which they possess: imagination, empathy, logic, ability of structuring speech and synthesizing ideas. They will start from the beginning, from the birth of an idea, do research on the material, and how to synthesize a narrative and create characters. So they will become familiar with all the stages of fiction, read and discuss modern and classic literary works, learn about the authors’ lives, the conditions under which they lived and made their creations, or make their creaations, in the case that they are still alive.

They compare literary genres, in each country and era. They make connections between the writing of a novel and other genres, such as the script and the play. While at the same time, they study narratives in general through the cinema, music and pop culture.

Each student takes on the responsibility of writing their own short story. This will take place in class, where ideas and suggestions can be exchanged. The creation of this club provides the necessary conditions and serves as a starting point for high-caliber work to be created and new talents to emerge, which will in turn, be able to represent Pierce in both local and international competitions alike.

Club Advisor: Ms. N. Drakoula (C Gymnasium – A, B Lyceum – IB1)
Day and Time:
Tuesday (15:30 – 17:00)