Media & News Literacy

The student members of this club will learn the correct use and the code of conduct of the media, the digital media and the internet, so that they can protect themselves from online dangers and cyber bullying. They will learn how to identify credible sources, and cross check them, to understand the way the mass media function and to reject the stereotypes, the hate rhetoric, and their representation in the mass media (fake news, misinformation, propaganda, hate speech). Simultaneously, they will cultivate their Digital Literacy.

They will develop emotional intelligence skills, taalents, leadership skills, as well as 21st Century Skills, (communication, collaboration and informational exchange, critical thinking, identifying – articulating – solving problems, creativity and adaptability). The especially designed for youth experimental website will aid this effort.

Club Advisor: Ms. A. Chysanthopoulou (b, c Gymnasium, A Lyceum)
Day and Time: Friday (15:30 – 17:00)