Jewish and Hebrew Studies*

The Jewish and Hebrew studies program at Pierce, developed in collaboration with the Lauder Foundation and the Jewish community of Athens, aims at providing continual Jewish education for graduates of a Jewish primary school. The goal of this high school program is for students to feel comfortable within a Jewish community and familiar with the vast religious world of Jewish culture and practices. Therefore, the program further advances a student’s knowledge in two primary areas of study: Jewish history, traditions and culture and Hebrew language. More specifically, students learn about the history of Jews in Athens and Greece, different periods of world Jewish history, Jewish holidays and Hebrew language which is the common language amongst Jews of the world. Students engage with interesting ancient texts, discuss challenging ethical questions, delve into understanding the Jewish communities of Greece and abroad as well as learn about Israel history and culture.

The program combines formal and informal educational methods, which include off campus trips, to become acquainted with the establishment of Jews within Greece and Jewish community life. Weekly classes also aim to help students develop language skills, the ability to form and express opinions on moral matters, think critically and work with peers to bring history and traditions alive. Students also partake in and present at events in conjunction with the Jewish Community of Athens.

*Open to students with six years of elementary Jewish and Hebrew language studies.

Advisors: Ms Uria Amsalem, Ms Rita Sasson, Ms Sarina Shalom
Day and Time: Monday & Wednesday 15:30 – 17:00 (Β’, C’ Gymnasium, A’ Lyceum), Tuesday 15:30 – 17:00 (Β’ Lyceum).