Growth Mindset (B & C Gymnasium)

The Growth Mindset afternoon club, as part of the 8-month Global “Entrepreneurship for Kids” educational program, aims to introduce children to the basics of entrepreneurship.

Through riddles, games, imagination and mystery, children develop a way of thinking necessary for their future careers. Activities are structured to lead to the realization of an idea in such a way as to refer to the corresponding way that startups operate. The goal is for children to build their own business product and gain the motivation for developing the Growth Mindset, where intelligence equates to a process of continuous effort and improvement through their contact with the key pillars of entrepreneurship and soft skills required by the modern business world.

The Growth Mindset philosophy is not just an effective educational approach but, primarily, a way of life that urges us to work hard for our goals, because this is the only way to knowledge.

The Club will operate with 10 B & C Gymnasium students. In the event that there is larger participation, the students who will attend the program will be selected by “first come, first serve”.

For further information, visit:

Club Advisor: Panos Andrikopoulos
Day and Time: Wednesday 3:30-5:00 p.m.