Greek Rhetorical Club

Speaking of rhetoric, in the context of rhetorical competitions, we are referring to the skill of using speech both in prepared speeches and in situations in which impromptu improvisational speaking is required.

The skill of rhetoric, which is cultivated through systematic practice in rhetorical events (oral interpretation of literature, impromptu speaking, group discussion, oratory/persuasive speaking, debate) is essential in the development of self-confidence in public speaking, the development of critical thinking, well-supported argumentation, as well as in group collaboration.

Debate competition in particular cultivates research skills on current as well as classic issues and the overall forming of the personalities of participants, and strengthens their intellect in a broader sense.

Club Advisors: Mr. P. Vasilopoulos, Mr. P. Polydoropoulos
Day and Time: Saturday 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.