Days of Art

The Club is involved in Theater in two ways:

a) Continuation and completion of the theatrical production of the work “Simigdalenios.” There will be a performance at the College and – perhaps – at some of the schools that were to participate in the 2020 Festival. In addition, the scenery and costumes of Simigdalenios will be completed.

b) The essential preparation and planning of the “Days of Art 2022” Festival will take place, choosing a theme and theatrical work to be performed. In addition, preparation of the 2022 performance will begin.

Aims and benefits:

Improvement of the use and delivery of speech: collaboration, the experience of beauty as a product of artistic and experiential exercise, body language, the service of the arts that collaborate in a theatrical production (scenery design, costume design, translation, music, painting, etc.).

Club Advisor: Mr. I. Tsatalis,
Days and times: Thursday 15:30 – 17:00