Pierce – The American College of Greece is the first school in Europe to offer CogWorks (Autonomous Cognitive Assistance) program. CogWorks is an online course in English designed and offered by MIT’s Beaver Works Summer Institute.

CogWorks @ Pierce is the result of College’s partnership with the nonprofit Learning Initiative and a corresponding partnership between the above organization and MIT’s Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI). Students who successfully complete CogWorks will receive a certificate of completion from BWSI.

The program is a project-based course for developing machine learning applications that leverage audio, visual, and linguistic data. Students will learn basic mathematical programming and data analysis skills that will enable them to build their own algorithms and neural networks from scratch. Upon completion they will design their own cognitive assistants.

Eligible to participate in the program are students of B’ Lyceum who have distinguished themselves in pan-Hellenic or international competitions in Informatics, Robotics (WRO, FLL, Racecar Challenge), Mathematics Competition (2nd or 3rd Phase) and Physics Competition (2nd or 3rd Phase). The remaining positions (until the completion of 15 participants) will be filled by students selected based on the average score in the courses of Informatics, Mathematics, Physics and English of the A’ Lyceum.

Club Advisor: Mr. I. Vetsikas (B Lyceum)
Days and times: Tuesday 15:30 – 17:00 (Fab Lab)