Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics

In the Aerodynamic and Flight Mechanics, the students will become familiar with the general principles of Aerodynamics and Mechanical Flight, in a pleasant and interactive way, based on the STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The students will combine the basic theory and the practical application, with the aim to become familiar with the aerodynamic design and the understanding of flight. The required calculations will be made with the use of specialized commercial software, through which the outcomes of complex aerodynamic calculations will be exported with speed and accuracy.

The practical part concerns constructions ranging from simple paper models of diverse type and form, to more specialized projects of design and construction of model aircraft, with or without an engine. This process will contribute to a better understanding of the impact of special aircraft features (wingspan, wing shape, wing angles, wing load etc.) on flight. The whole process will also include participation in team competitions for the nomination of the most efficient design, based on certain criteria.

In the afternoon club Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics, 8 students of C Gymnasium and 8 students of A Lyceum will participate. The students will be separated into four 4-member teams. In the case that the interest on the part of the students exceeds the available positions the selection of students will be made according to the following procedure:

The students will be selected according to their grades in the following subjects and their ranking, once the average grades in the academic year 2020-2021 have been calculated.

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Information Technology
  • English

In the case of a tie, the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the previous year and diagnostic tests in which students who have equal points, will be called upon to solve problems of logic and to explain aerodynamic issues.

Faculty Advisors: Mr. A. Triantafyllou, Mr. F. Kampiotis, Mr. T. I. Lekas, Mr. A Simonidis
Available to: Students of C Gymnasium and A Lyceum.
Day and time: Wednesday 15:30 – 17:00.