Program of Supplementary Classes for B Lyceum

Pierce – The American College of Greece provides its students with a high-level  education and every student who consistently fulfills his/her obligations, studies sufficiently and follows the instructions of his/her teachers can successfully meet the demands of all classes without additional assistance.

However, many of our students, due mainly to a sense of insecurity caused by the demands of the Panhellenic examinations, are driven to seek assistance outside school. Although we firmly believe that the class hours and the work of our teachers are more than enough to cover the College curriculum, we understand students’ concerns and therefore offer a Program of Supplementary Classes for any B Lyceum students who wish to go more deeply into the material in the following subjects:

SCIENCES ORIENTATION GROUP: Composition, Mathematics, Physics

Each of these classes is taught 2 periods after the school day has ended, aimed at making it possible for the students that take part in the program to have no need for additional teaching support. In this way, the College supports our B Lyceum students by utilizing Pierce’s experienced faculty and helps them to save time for their individual study, which is the most significant factor in achieving their goals.

The cost for students who choose to take part will be 370€ per year for each of the first two classes and 250€ per year for each of the remaining classes.