After-School Activities

Always aiming for high-quality education and the multi-faceted cultivation of its students’ personalities, Pierce offers an updated program of After-School Activities.

1. Athletics activities

For many years, the After-School Athletics Program has been an extension and supplement to the Physical Education program of the Gymnasium and Lyceum. At the end of the school day, students are offered the opportunity to do the sport of their choice and, at the same time, to have fun and get to know each other better. The After-School Athletics Program includes 12 different activities – sports, in which, with the guidance of specialized coaches – Physical Education teachers, students learn the techniques of each sport. Especially for the After-School Athletics Activities, you will have to submit a Medical Certificate. Please note that the Health Form that is submitted for the morning program does not cover a student’s participation in these activities.
The After-School Athletics Program is carried out by the Deree College Athletics Club.

COORDINATOR: Mr. K. Koloveros, tel. 210 600 9800 ext. 1104

2. Program of Supplementary Classes for B’ Lyceum

Due mainly to the sense of insecurity caused by the increased demands of exams, and despite the efforts made by the College, many students are driven to seek outside assistance with their classes. Although we strongly support the view that the work done in class with our teachers is enough to cover and learn all the required material, we understand our students’ need to feel more secure and, in this context, we have included a Program of Supplementary Classes for any B’ Lyceum students who wish to deepen their understanding of the syllabus.

COORDINATOR: Mr. K. Abatzis, tel. 210 600 9800, ext. 1165

3. Musical Instruments

There will be groups of beginners learning the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone and Violin.

(Will not be offered the academic year 2018-19)

TEACHERS RESPONSIBLE: Ms. Th. Panagopoulou, Mr. O. Hatzinakis